On August 1, 2024, provincial Segregated Fund exams will begin testing on the updated 10th Edition of the Segregated Funds and Annuities book.
Before this date, students should study using the 9th Edition textbook that is in your course.
If you plan to take this exam on or after Aug 1st, please review the new materials and redlined changes here.

WFG Referral Program

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Referral fee arrangements and commission splitting are two ways that you as a WFG associate can put your clients in touch with other firms and experts. This will facilitate their financial goals as well as enhance your reputation and you can make money at the same time! Provincial regulators have strict rules surrounding this. Learn how to participate in WFG’s established referral arrangements, including mortgages, loans, education planning, and property and casualty insurance.

  • In order for you to qualify and be able to refer clients and individuals, you must study the training materials carefully and answer the brief quiz.
  • You must achieve at least 60% on the 10-question quiz and agree to the WFG Code of Conduct in order to successfully complete the training.
  • You have unlimited attempts at the quiz.

Question format: multiple choice

Questions per exam: 10 questions

Passing Grade: 60%

Exam Length: 60 minutes